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Senior Editor

  • Zürich

75% – 100% (4-days week)

We're looking for a Senior Editor in Zürich that can turn muck into a masterpiece.

Rhythm runs through your veins

Footage. Sound. Graphics. Your edits never miss a beat. If you were a songwriter you’d be top of the charts every time.

Colour is your kingdom. The screen is your canvas

Strokes of genius in tone, nuance and mood have the audience begging for more.

You’ve got an eye for detail and a nose for the unusual

No matter how much footage we throw your way, you make the right choices and add that little something that takes our breath away.

Client. Creativity. = Same. Same

You never sacrifice one for the other because you know how to nurture both.

You thrive under pressure without losing your cool

A ping-pong table is available when you need to let off some steam.

And now for the regular

  • Premier Pro is a no-brainer. After Effects, Mocha and Davinci would be nice too.
  • You speak English or French. Throw in German and we’ll be ecstatic.
  • You have at least 5 years of experience.
  • We need you 4 days a week, starting as soon as you can.

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