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23bis – Our rebranding revisited

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For our first nine years of existence, 23bis was called - Creative Video Production Studio. A fitting name and description for a three-man start-up scrambling to make its mark in the audiovisual landscape of French-speaking Switzerland. But as our creative reputation, team diversity and service offering grew, all it took was one look in the mirror to realize that a full rebrand was in order. “Messieurs” had to go.

“” reflected our past and a bygone era. In less than a decade we had become a full blown creative communication agency and video production had evolved to contend with the upheavals of society's relationship with digital technology. More content, less attention, new challenges. Our rebranding had to be more than just finding a new visual identity. Our new brand had to communicate who we are now, what we do, why and how.

Our approach to finding solutions is always collaborative and unfailingly involves a lot of fun and at least a million Post-its. More than just a cosmetic makeover, we needed to adjust our positioning, so we looked at our facts and did some serious introspection.

Visually, this translated into simple, utilitarian typography and neutral tones overlayed with bright green, orange, yellow and pink. Emotionally, 23bis is the address that witnessed our transformation into a content-driven creative studio & agency with offices in Lausanne and Zurich. In practice, it means daring to take a stance that supports our values: Taking concrete action for projects and campaigns that make a difference - the heart of our company culture.


Project fully mainly developed by 23bis' team

Film Direction: Nathan Saurer and Manuel Ammann

Film Production: Richard Ammann and Manuel Ammann

Identity Production Management: Manuel Ammann

Photography: Guillaume Mégevand and 23bis' team

Art Direction: Cyril Jaunin et Guillaume Mégroz

Graphic Design: Alice Poma, Fanny Geiser, Cyril Jaunin and Guillaume Mégroz

Creative strategy: Nathan Saurer, Guillaume Mégroz and Manuel Ammann

Motion-design: Mathilde Traversié, Elisa Ciocca and Cyril Jaunin

Post-production: Julian Zimmermann andNathan Saurer

DOP: Julian Zimmermann

Camera Operators: 23bis' team

Diffusion: Steve Weisshaupt

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