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  • Adam Malard Interactive Media Designer Apprentice

    Adam spent his days watching movies with his nerdy, passionate and wise-beyond-his-years buddy. Early in life, the beauty of images and the complexity of emotions caught his attention, much like the strangeness that accompanies the immortalisation of a precise moment. Nurtured by music, skate culture and fashion, he quickly found himself exploring these worlds in search of his identity. Moved by visual and philosophical purity, his perpetual quest for perfection through well-executed minimalism remains an obsession to better understand the meaning of things.

  • Alice Poma Graphic Designer

    Alice started her design business at age 7 in 1998, using Microsoft Paint to create title pages for her elementary school essays. Since then, she’s spent almost half her life studying art, architecture, and design. Today she works as a graphic designer with a focus on typography and branding: she took part in several print and digital projects, from books to corporate identities, both locally and internationally. Her love for beautiful things and passion for solving problems is what inspires her work at 23bis. Outside the office (and sometimes inside as well), you can find her reading, meditating, or playing with her dog.

  • Bernardo Ginja Interactive Media Designer Apprentice

    Passionate about cinema from a young age, Bernardo is a lover of art and history, always with a book of philosophy or history in hand. In his spare time, he volunteers as a fireman, boxes and is a DIY handyman. A real live wire, he’s always on the lookout for a good joke. Beginning his apprenticeship as an Interactive Media Designer at the Eracom in 2019, he started a six-month internship with us in January 2022. Quick to grasp our ways of working and always highly motivated, we asked him to stay on and finish his apprenticeship with us. Now in his 4th and final year, Bernardo mainly handles post-production (derushes, first structure or editing). His interest in film-making leads to his participation in certain projects, helping with setup and giving Cédric the occasional hand.

  • Cédric Heckly Camera Assistant & Equipment Manager

    He began his professional career as a carpenter in Gruyère (his accent sometimes gives him away), but his interest in technological innovations and his taste for creation led him to explore new fields. He discovered video production by making ski freeride videos with friends, and it became his passion. He then decided to devote all his time to specializing in the field of video. At 23bis, he takes care of the equipment and makes sure everything is clean and in order! He also makes sure that everything is in place for the team to work in the best possible conditions. His role as a technician often puts him in the position of camera assistant on shoots, a position he discovered at 23bis and loves. Outside of work, he is inspired by Géo Trouvetou by 3D printing things, soldering his own camera accessories, or setting up his smart curtains, "because it's fun", all in order to push himself and improve his skills.

  • Cyril Jaunin Art Director

    In 2012, he graduated as an Interactive Media Designer with a nice paper in hand, a passion for graphic arts and an insatiable curiosity, no doubt carried by the frustration of being a jack of all trades rather than an expert in one field. A strange cocktail of interests and skills that would lead him to officiate as art director at 23bis a few years later. When he's not caught daydreaming during one of his long bike rides, he uses his interest in more or less obscure subjects to find original ideas, explore new mediums or guide the artistic direction of a project in the right way.

  • Elisa Ciocca Lead Motion Designer

    She would like to be able to say that she had a vocation for this job, but the truth is that she could have liked possibly anything. 

    A lover of science and pragmatism as much as art and imagination, she chose the path with the most unknowns.

    Italian by origin, she now lives in Lausanne and works as a motion designer for, the sister company of 23bis. It is here that she creates her magical worlds for our clients together with Mathilde, always exploring new creative avenues in close collaboration with her colleagues at 23bis.

    In her spare time she likes to do too many things, which always revolve around movement... but not that kind!
    She dances and teaches dance, plays beach volleyball by Lake Leman and surfs when she's by the ocean.

    The rest of the time you can find her in deep paradoxical sleep where she spends hours dreaming vividly and writing down the adventures of her second life in a notebook.
    You have to give her a rendezvous at a specific place, though, otherwise it is difficult to meet up.

  • Fanny Geiser Graphic Designer

    Since she was a child, bathed in bilingualism, with her hands in paint and her eyes full of images, Fanny naturally turned to a visual profession. Colours, curves and balance are the things that give rhythm to her work at 23bis. The listening and the curiosity are values which are dear to her and through that, she tries to preserve the essence of an idea and to decline it on various visual supports. On a daily basis, she is inspired by various music, furniture design, beautiful books (but often without reading them), the sky and its colours, humans and their interactions.

  • Gabriel Saurer Co-founder & Production Director

    For as long as his parents can remember, he made things; we’ll spare you the details of his childhood exploits and all the shitty games he tried to build. Making videos is just one of those things that happened and never went away. The perfect outlet for his wild imagination and the beginnings of an inspiring entrepreneurial adventure. Today, he more or less runs the company; quite surprising when you know what teachers thought of him at school. Apart from his work as a producer, his creative focus is turned towards taking care of our team, our work environment and our business. So when he’s not on set, he’s racking his brain to find solutions to problems before they even happen. Besides his job, he always battles to know how to divide his own time between different passions he’s built over years; like sewing his own clothes, biking around Switzerland, playing tennis, trying to do a ollie for the 800th time in a row, rapping weird lyrics in the middle of the office and reading as many books as he can.

  • Guillaume Mégroz Partner & Art Director

    No major trigger or traumatic event in his childhood to justify this need to understand the world around him, so perhaps it’s simply curiosity. The desire and the need to learn, to do better, your best in any case, but also to create beauty that pleases, speaks, intrigues, but above all beauty that serves.

    Very particular about details and their importance, looking at things from a different angle is his way of making sure that only the right details are worked on. In no way questioning their value.

    If his life were to be summed up in one Youtube video, it would probably be called “How a snatch and grab incident changed my life…”. A word to the wise.

  • Julian Zimmermann Lead Editor

    At just 16 years old, Julian joined 23bis (consisting solely of Nathan and Gabriel at the time) after an extremely serious initial contact... through Facebook. In parallel to his studies at school, he trained alongside his new colleagues and friends, travelling around Switzerland on weekends to film events.

    Particularly moved by music, the beauty of images, rhythm and the emotions brought on by the combination of all three, he does everything in his power to make 23bis projects stand out, that our touch is ever present.

    Between two edits, he can sometimes be seen behind the camera. He takes great pleasure in capturing images on foot, rollerblades, ice skates or skis. Always keeping the way the images will fit together in the editing phase in the back of his mind. This search for the perfect balance between images, sounds and emotions is what gets him out of bed every morning. As well as the prospect of a little aperitif with his colleagues when the sun goes down.

  • Julie Pellet Director & Editor

    Like most of the descriptions on this website, this one begins with the birth of Julie's passion that started in her childhood: movies (now isn’t that quite the surprise).

    Every weekend, she would rewind the VHS to watch the movies she was passionate about time and again, until the tapes actually wore out.

    This love for cinema has never left her since, and that's why she became a Film Director at 23bis.

    Because whether written, recorded or filmed, she deeply loves stories and the ways they can be told.

    And that's what she does at 23bis: she writes, directs and edits projects while striving to find the best way, the best tone and the best format to tell them.

    Julie, only 25 years old, is already one of the old hands at the agency. Let’s just say she has found a place where she can blossom and where she’s allowed to laugh at her own jokes, which is rare.

  • Lionel Moerch Editor and director

    Originally, Lionel was a watchmaker during the week, powered by audiovisual projects on the week-ends. A 90’s kid educated by various cultures that quickly pushed him to buy a camera and experiment. 

    A few years passed before he finally admitted to himself that his right place was no longer behind a watchmaking’s workbench. Converted by passion, he can now express his full creative potential and his vision daily, through various projects, both professional and personal.

    If you’re in a hurry, do not discuss with him subjects such as shooting on film, print, well-being and social random stuff or the latest promotional campaign of a textile brand, you risk to be late for dinner.

  • Lorenzo Monti Director & Editor

    Constraint: describe yourself in 200 words without naming your role at 23bis

    TL;DR: Lorenzo can be a concise individual. Nevertheless, he prefers to digress, the Mont d'or and the black truffle. Does he have a favourite dish? Unbearable answer: yes, he eats cinema and literature. Expected answer: pizza. Probable answer: it depends on the context, the people, the weather, the place and all that…

    FLASHBACK: 1997
    The individual, aged 6, receives a blue, plastic camera with 110 film. He takes photos of various subjects ranging from toys to cups.

    FAST FORWARD: 2023
    The idea lists, the thousand open browser tabs, the erasures, the rewrites, the stacked cups of coffee, the mass of images, the feedback, the rewrites: now he’s found his rhythm.

    The pattern of the white canvas; the cliché of the void. Then, colours and shapes as discussions progress. Collective creation, the accomplishment of an army of talents: this is where he finds the us.

    Ed.: rework the end to express the importance of artistic coherence. Draw a parallel with pareidolia. Too specific. Introduce the English neologism “sound”. No, I've already used 185 words. Useless... Deconstruct this part by revealing contingent but crisp information. This is where he

  • Manuel Ammann Head of Innovation & Information Systems

    After a rather traditional educational trajectory: Gymnasium (economics and law) → Bachelor (HEC marketing) → Master (HEC Information Systems), Manuel finally realised that he was not destined to follow the standard post-HEC (Business and Economics) path. It was however these studies that sharpened his ability for analysis, problem solving and creativity. At 23bis he now plays a predominant role in the strategic management of the company, the innovation pole and the information systems design. His curiosity and his learning capabilities have nevertheless allowed him to acquire several unofficial positions within the company such as DA Junior or Head of products that will never see the light of the day. Behind this very down-to-earth journey, hides a sensitive and open-minded soul, lover of meditation, sport and good IPA.

  • Mathilde Neau Assistant Director & CSR Supervisor

    It is customary in the West to define a person by their profession and nationality. We found that a tad narrow-minded when describing human beings in all their complexity and diversity. Let’s examine what we hope is a better alternative.

    Mathilde was raised on humanist and ecological values in the south-west of France (geographical inventory to fulfil the patriotic quota). She discovered the movies which led to a revelation, her first profession, assistant director, which she describes as the link between direction and production: the translation of the imaginary to the real (rather inspiring really). Along the way, she became acquainted with sociology which keeps her thinking about group synergies that reveal so much about our lives (she no longer takes leave of her group of colleagues she loves so dearly). She is inhabited by a reading of the sensorial world that passes through the body and whose contemporary dance and yoga make the connection. She is searching for paths of convergence through painting, reading and the voice in all its forms (and in her new life in Switzerland).

    She’s at the intersection of all this and you’ll find her at 23bis. A place where she has the right to be, all of it, all the time.

    2020 marks the beginning of a new era. 2023 in the hands of 23bis. Bis-e*
    *A play on words, 23bis having the same pronunciation as bise which means kiss.

  • Mathilde Traversié Motion Designer

    Even at an early age, Mathilde was intrigued by creation. Growing up, she always had something in her hands that she could make things with, from a brush to paint portraits of her parents, to an iPod to film her surroundings or toy bricks to build the amazing architecture she was always carrying around in her head.

    Exploring different creative domains, Mathilde realised that graphic design is what she really wanted to do, but not only. She wanted to bring her designs to life and make them tell stories.

    Today she works in the field of animation, drawing inspiration from everything around her. Being a part of 23bis allows her to express herself freely and have fun with a multitude of stimulating projects.

    If you're looking for her, she could be on a train heading for Lausanne, on roller skates on the banks of the Seine, or on a hunt for the best donuts in Paris. In short, she’s always on the move, exactly like her creations.

  • Mayne Bussy Accounting and administrative assistant

    Mayne is the mother of an exceptional boy with whom she shares wonderful moments. Her little dog Suzy, accompanies them almost everywhere. She has several passions including meditation which she practises on a daily basis. But dancing remains her first love and when the weather warms up, you might get a glimpse of her down at the lake on a stand-up paddle with little Suzy at her side.

  • Mila Francioso Interactive media designer apprentice

    What better way to start this presentation than with the fact that (yes, again, no originality) Mila has been passionate about video and photography since she was a child. Her love and interest in arts come from her mom, who is also passionate about them.

    Very (or too) often accompanied by her friends, Mila loves traveling, discovering, and exploring the world around her while, of course, documenting what she sees in photos and videos, so be careful: if you want to go fast, don't travel with her…

    Particularly sensitive to the visual aspect of the things she makes, the Big Mila (quite small in fact) joined the 23bis team in August 2023 at the age of 16 to get her Interactive Media Designer CFC. Basically, she does a bit of everything here.

  • Nathan Saurer Co-founder & Creative Director

    An ant searching for the meaning of life once heard he could find it on the summit of a mountain. “Really?” thought the ant. Hesitant but curious enough to look for it, he decided to take up the ascent. A quest full of climbs, falls, walks and runs through nights and days. A beautiful scramble that teaches him and his growing group of friends something new everyday, and how to actually enjoy this never-ending journey.

    This is what I like to do. Think up stories every night before I go to sleep. I listen carefully to the world and people and then come up with stories that may serve or please.

    Are you on this mountain too?

  • Richard Ammann Head of Operations & Producer

    What he likes to do? 

    All sorts of stuff really. To go from one interest to the next, to pore over a subject until you feel the satisfaction and pleasure of having learned something new. And? 

    Let’s start over, this time with something a bit more interesting like: What he does for work (another one of his many passions)… Project management, production, research and development, IT, serving up coffee to the gang, mopping the floor, playing FIFA. In short, he’s a very busy man! But his main mission in life is to make sure your project runs smoothly from A to Z, answer your questions, put you at ease and pass on your wishes to our great team!

  • Steve Weisshaupt Digital Content Strategy and Communication Specialist

    "Communicating" has taken many forms throughout his life. Deciphering sheet music, making clothes, organising a shoot, leading a workshop, analysing data are examples that Steve sums up as: connecting with people. His mission is to elevate unheard voices by exploring the potential of data to uncover relevant information for communication strategies, translating them into stories that reach the people they will resonate with.

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