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We are B Corp. But we still suck.

We are a Certified B Corporation and we couldn't be prouder. We work hard to create a workplace that's fair and engaging, and supports our employees as equally as our customers and partners.

Discover all our concrete actions below or download our Durability Map to know more about our strategy!


They help us structure all our actions

  • 🧱 The Base Creating a strong and transparent foundation

    This pillars intends to increase the company's transparency, ownership & horizontality. By 2024, we aim increasing the number of points by 10% on the B Impact Assessment.

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  • 🤖 Human Centric Making collaborators happy with great working conditions.

    By 2025, employees will have a 20% increased purchasing power relative to their activity rate. Their well-being will have increased of 30% tending to a great place to work.

  • 🌸 Protect the Nature Limiting our impact on the planet

    By 2025, we will have diminish by 6% our Co2 Emissions to access Net Zero (Scopes 1, 2 & 3) in 2030 and commit to the Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative. By 2030, we’ll be a net zero carbon of the whole company (film productions included)

  • ⚖️ Equity & Ethics Deconstructing the discriminations of minorities

    By 2025, we will be a gender balanced company and 65% of our projects will have positive impact

  • ☀️ Shine Giving back & making the movement grow

    By 2025, we will connect and share 30% more with our community, clients & audiences and we will participate to 20% purposeful and virtuous projects. (NGO’s, art, culture & more)


List of past/ongoing/future actions.

  • 🧱 Wage gap under 1:6 ✅ Done

    The ratio between the lowest salary and the highest does not exceed 1:2. Taking into account apprentices and interns, the maximum ratio is currently set at 1:6. In other words, the best-paid person at 23bis doesn’t earn more than 6x the minimum wage.

  • 🧱 4-days week instead of 5 ✅ Done

    We have been thinking about it for a long time and here it is, we have taken the plunge: our new full-time job is based on 4-day weeks to find a better balance in life (Fridays are now officially closed). Our goal behind this action is to condense work days to optimize our concentration, create momentum and offer a better lifestyle balance.

  • 🧱 Pension fund ✅ Done

    For the year 2023, we have decided to improve our professional planning plan and surround ourselves with sustainable partners. With the help of our B Corp Loyco friend and all our collaborators, we have rethought our plan to create a solution by employees, for employees. We changed our pension fund to an ecological and ethical company: Nest.

    Discover Nest for your company
  • 🧱 Employees company shares ⚡️ In progress

    We are currently participating in a monthly workshop with B Corp partners to define the best way to make shares of our company available to all interested employees. For us, this is the key to a sustainable and lasting business.

  • 🧱 Towards holacratic style organisation ⚡️ In progress

    During the year 2023, we are going to do a series of tests to try to transform the organizational form of the company. We are considering more autonomy, responsibility and agility with our employees. We don't know yet where this will lead us but we’re exploring.

  • 🤖 Ergonomic workspaces ✅ Done

    In our offices, we accompany our collaborators as best we can, we equip them with ergonomic chairs to take care of their backs, we also offer desks that go up and down for those who like to vary the pleasures. We also have a ping-pong table, a relaxation room with a sofa, books and a PS5 to change ideas.

  • 🤖 Flexible working hours, places and percentage ✅ Done

    Work days are flexible for percentages up to 75% (3 days per week) since work percentages are also an option. Working hours also fall within time slots between 07:00-19:00. At any time, working from home is possible: a provision of particular work tools according to needs is then possible.

  • 🤖 Vegetarian canteen and more ⚡️ In progress

    The health and happiness of our collaborators passes through food! Organic Opaline juices, organic snacks, fruits and bulk coffee distributed directly from the Roaster, all of this freely available in the company. And for the manual workers, a collective garden with vegetables during summer. The Canteen is a service offered 1 or 2 times a week: a chef prepares custom dishes with fresh and local products.

  • 🤖 Training, transport and sport budget available for employees ✅ Done

    We wish to inspire our employees at different levels. This includes access to training courses/conferences/coachings with an annual budget of 1000 CHF per person (pro rata to the percentage of activity), a contribution of 300 CHF for sports activities (or body-oriented well-being) and also a promotion of the use of public transport by giving a boost with the half-fare for everyone.

  • 🌸 Ethical financial institutions ✅ Done

    Because being responsible goes through the monetary flow, we are very close to entering the BAS (Swiss Alternative Bank). We have already changed to a more responsible 2nd Pillar LPP thanks to NEST.

    Discover the Alternative Bank Switzerland
  • 🌸 Carbon footprint offset ⚡️ In progress

    Our carbon footprint in 2021 was assessed at 24 tCO2 and we were able to identify our emission sources in order to set a goal to reduce by 42% by 2050.

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