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Amnesty International — Yes means Yes

  • Creative campaign
  • Digital content



  • Nathan Saurer as Director

Only a yes means yes. Rocking the boat for change. A full blown communication campaign for Amnesty International to fuel discussion on mutual consent and pave the way for progressive legislation. How to fuel positive action towards change? How to make the parliament recognise the urgent need to modernise legislation?

When you want to do your subject justice, when it means carry it above and beyond many obstacles and beliefs: finding the right transmitters is crucial, and this means excruciating choices.

Risky? Maybe. But honestly, the worst case scenario is the best thing that could happen to the subject —it gets the attention it deserves.

The cooperation with 23bis in the context of the Only Yes means Yes campaign was very satisfying. This dedicated team has the ability to quickly think their way into complex, socially and politically relevant topics and transform them into creative and very high-quality content that inspires and captivates the target group. I was also impressed by the passion that 23bis puts into their projects and their willingness to always react quickly without losing their excitement and curiosity.

- Amnesty International


Client: Amnesty International

Creative Direction: Nathan Saurer (23bis)

Production Direction: Gabriel Saurer (23bis)

Graphic Design: Alice Poma (23bis)

Art Direction: Cyril Jaunin (23bis)

Copywriting (DE):

Co-director (DE): Lasse Linder

Assistant Director: Mathilde Neau (23bis)

Production Assistant: Léa Dumont

Director of Photography: Alexandre Favre

2nd camera operator: Cédric Heckly (23bis)

3rd camera operator: Elise Gyger

4th camera operator: Bernardo Ginja (23bis)

Gaffer: Sylvain Lugrin

Make-up Artist: Noelia De Jesus

Sound Operator: Julien Matthey

Set-Design: Juliana Stadelmann

Production Trainee: Kryvenko Katerina

Editor (FR): Elise Gyger

Editor (DE): Philipp Fuchs Graphic

Designer Assistance: Fanny Geiser (23bis)

Motion Designer: Cyril Jaunin (23bis)

Strategy Facilitator: Manuel Ammann (23bis)

Color Grading: Alexandre Favre

Sound Mixing: Thomas Stahel

Concept consulting: Axess Lab, Agota Lavoyer

Preliminary research: Laure Gabus

Distribution consultant: Kimberley Scherrer

Strategy support: Julie Pellet (23bis), Guillaume Mégroz (23bis), Elisa Ciocca (23bis), Marie Romanens, Axess Lab

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