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Audemars Piguet — Be yourself

  • Film



  • Guillaume Mégroz as Director

The exceptional coming together of two worlds, so distant and yet so close. This was our initial observation of this singular project. From the quiet village of Le Brassus to the frenzied pace of the French capital, haute horlogerie and haute couture meet for a fleeting moment, to create the unique, the timeless, the magic of which only these grand houses hold the secret.

For the record, what started out as a simple “making-of” eventually turned into a full-fledged film. Gradually, the similarities of these two worlds echoed, joined and entered into conversation. From the first cuts of fabric to the delicate installation of appliques, everything was captivating and deserved its own chapter. Our approach focused on a sensorial and evocative immersion rather than the perfect representation of the various procedures. By borrowing certain codes from the fashion world and adopting a “making-of” angle and live capture, we made a humble attempt at celebrating this fascinating encounter. And we're pretty happy about it.

Heart of excellence. To underline the similarities between watchmaking and Couture savoir-faire, a sensorial (almost satisfying) video retraces the conception of a watch and a Couture piece in the same time, through magnified gestures close-up.

- Publicis Luxe


Client: Audemars Piguet

Agency: Publicis Luxe

Co-production: 23bis, Prodigious

Film Director: Guillaume Mégroz (23bis)

Producers: Gabriel Saurer (23bis), Thomas Geffrier (Paris)

1st Assistant Director: Mathilde Neau (23bis), Delphine Corrard

Line Producer (Paris): Robin Ben Samoun

Runner: Jeanne Prouteau

Director of Photography (Watchmaking): Alexandre Favre

Director of Photography (Fashion & Haute-Couture): Dino Berguglia

1st Assistant Camera: Rhony Sutriesno, Cédric Heckly (23bis)

2nd Assistant Camera: Iris Marcesse, Gaith Zehri

2nd Camera Operator: Burak Erinmez (23bis)

Gaffer: Bédy Marchal, Dino Berguglia

Electricians: Juliette Maignan, Julien Derail, Mathieu Werlen

Key Grip: Vincent Blasco

Grips: Olivier Thual, Davy Meunier

Sound Engineer: Jean Avedekian

Set Design: Florence Mauduech, Héléna Kacic, Valère Plantrou, Matthieu Suret, Bastien Founès, Joris Henne, Vincent Turrel

Hair & Make-up Artist: Corinne (Coco) Burg, Noelia De Jesus, Suna Myles

Stylist: Amor Ouni

Photograph: Renaud Kritzinger

Lead Editor: Burak Erinmez (23bis)

Editors: Florent Gabbarini, Julian Zimmermann (23bis), Burak Erinmez (23bis)

Colorist: Miles Lembke

Sound Designer: Luis Ortega Gonzalez

Music composition: Niccolò Chotkowski (Smider)

Starring: Simone Hoffman, Laura Giafferi, Laila Soares

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    • Post-production
    • Set Design
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