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Audemars Piguet Contemporary — Art Film Series

  • Film

Art & Culture

2021 - 2022

  • Guillaume Mégroz as Director

Believers in art as a global enabler of dialogue and connections, Audemars Piguet Contemporary commissions international artists to create contemporary artworks, building experiences for the public to engage with the work around the world. On four separate occasions, in New York, Athens, Paris, Berlin, and Venice, we had the privilege of filming the artists and recording Audemars Piguet Contemporary’s involvement in the commission process.

We entered the realm of each artist with humility; we had everything to learn and quickly. With cameras rolling simultaneously to our crash courses in contemporary art, our growing understanding allowed us to make this series of documentary-like videos into genuine portrayals of the artists and their work for Audemars Piguet.


Client: Audemars Piguet

Producers: Gabriel Saurer (23bis) (Berlin, Athènes, Paris, New-York, Venise), George Zannetopoulos (Athènes), Michael Peay (New-York)

Production Managers: Thanasis Kotinis (Athènes), Alex Advocaat (New-York)

Production Assistants: Dimitris Balabanis (Athènes), Taryn Ward (New-York)

Directors: Guillaume Mégroz (23bis) (Berlin, Athènes, Paris, Venise), Bennett Johnson (New-York)

Assistant Director: Mathilde Neau (Berlin, Athènes, Paris, New-York, Venise) Dirctors of Photography: Isak Lindberg (Berlin, Athènes, Paris), Michael Faller (New-York)

Camera Operators : George Metaxas (Athènes), Dino Berguglia (Venise)

1st Assistant Camera: Cédric Heckly (23bis) (Berlin, Athènes, Venise), Fanny Reynaud (Paris), Adam Roberts, Phil Schvartsman (New-York)

2nd Assistant Camera: Maren Rudolph (Berlin)

2nd Camera Operators: George T. Athanasopoulos (Athènes), Julian Zimmermann (23bis) (Paris), Joe Bressler (New-York)

Gaffers: Thorsten Baier, Finnegan Godenschweger (Berlin), George Athanasopoulos (Athènes), Erwin Forest (New-York)

Grips: Christoffer Schulz (Berlin), Jean Le Gouill (Paris)

Steadicam: Alt Thorsten (Berlin)

Sound Recordists: Maciej Ruminkiewicz (Berlin), Iasonas Theofanou (Athènes), Mail Desreumaux (Paris), Anna Khromova (New-York)

Security: Tsagdis Vangelis (Athènes)

Sound Mixers: Thomas Stahel (Berlin, Athènes, Paris, New-York)

Colorists: Miles Lembke (Berlin, Athènes, Paris, New-York)

Editors: Burak Erinmez (23bis), Nic Forde, Julian Zimmermann (23bis) (Berlin, Athènes, Paris, New-York)

Assistant Editor: Bernardo Ginja (23bis) (Berlin, Athènes, Paris, New-York)

Artists: Domanovic Aleksandra (Berlin), Angelidakis Andreas (Athènes et Paris), Bennani Meriem (New-York), Alexandra Pirici (Venise)

Extras: Mauchamp Alice, Langer Muriel, Medjkoune Marvin (Paris)

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    • Post-production
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