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Audemars Piguet - [RE]Master02

  • Film
  • Photography



  • Guillaume Mégroz as Director

A tribute to an asymmetrical watch created in 1960. — The world of watchmaking is driven by its traditions, history, and roots. The balance becomes delicate when the brand's new slogan is "Seek Beyond." How can one see beyond, go further, think differently, without losing the origins that made the watchmaker what it is today?

Celebrating the past

This is the very principle of the [RE]Master series: drawing inspiration from and celebrating the past by reimagining the brand's unique models with a contemporary perspective. Therefore, we decided to create a symbolic bridge between these two eras by drawing on the codes of the 1960s, dissecting materials, techniques, and designs from this pivotal period for Audemars Piguet, while injecting a more modern interpretation.

Thanks to a time capsule containing the secrets of this iconic asymmetrical watch, we (re)discover the unique ingredients of such a singular project.

A recipe unique to the brand

The result is a timeless journey, blending eras and celebrating the brand's avant-gardism. An immersion into what made Audemars Piguet in the past and what allows it to shine today and tomorrow: its tireless visionary spirit.


Client: Audemars Piguet

Production: 23bis

Director: Guillaume Mégroz

Assistant Director: Mathilde Neau

Producer: Gabriel Saurer

Production assistant: Sina-lou Ravasio, Elena Iruarrizaga Ballesteros

Director of Photography: Daryl Hefti

1st AC: Natalie Wallrapp

2nd AC: Cédric Heckly

3rd AC: Arsène Gaillard

Gaffer: Raphael Toel

Electrician: Yoro Tobler, Carmen Gasser, Lionel Moerch

Rigger: Pablo Reyes

Key Grip: Till Schlatter

Set designer: Joel Tweitmann - Atelier Lomann

Set designer assistant: Dan Tweitmann, Randy Looser

Props design: Fanny Geiser, Alice Poma

Hair & Make-up: Kristina Vidic

Stylist: Louisa Juelich

Photographer: Noé Cotter

Assistant Photographer: Jessica Dreier

Music and sound-design: Jason Heath - Mosche

Grading: Delfina Mayer

Lead editor: Julian Zimmermann

Editors: Lionel Moerch, Julian Zimmermann

Assistant Editor: Adam Malard

Motion-design: Guillaume Mégroz

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