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Breach — Shortfilm

Art & Culture


  • Lorenzo Monti as Director

How can you overcome pain? And how can you stay focused when you are experiencing internal turmoil? Isra is burning out softly. Her music is unfit. Her breakup is unfair. Her mind is unruly. Soon, loud notes of anxiety spread unrest.


Film Director: Lorenzo Monti (23bis)

Producer: Jacob Frith

1st Assistant Director: Daria Vakhova

2nd Assistant Director: Jacob Frith

3rd Assistant Director: Mathilde Neau

Director of Photography: Justin Latimer

1st Camera Assistant: Andreas Torstensson, Preeda Sanguanhong

2nd Camera Assistant: Quentin Perrot-Minnot

Gaffer: Daniel Swinton

Production designer: Lorenzo Monti

Art director: Daria Vakhova

Assistant Art Director: Kurt Davies

Standby Props: Glean Hoang

Set Dressers: Vida Irani, Rasmus Callmer

Hair & Make-up artist: Elizabeth Lewis

Sound Recordist: Johan Freden

Sound Designer: Lorenzo Monti (23bis)

Sound mixer: John Hresc

Composer: James Yan

Production Coordinator: Manuel R. Mota

Post-production Supervisor: Paul Black

Executive Producers: Karen Pearlman, Lucy Gaffy, Michael McLennan, Richard James Allen

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