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Decorum — Shortfilm

Art & Culture


  • Lorenzo Monti as Director

What happens when you decide to confront your trauma? Hinata is drowning but nobody seems to care. As oxygen in her body is decreasing, some memories are getting to the surface.


Film Director: Lorenzo Monti (23bis)

Producer: Jacob Frith

Director of Photography: Justin Latimer

1st Camera Assistant: Tahsin Rahman, Paul d'Indy

2nd Camera Assistant: Jamie Murray, Pelle Jerkers

Underwater Camera: Kurt Davies Pool

Camera B: Andreas Torstensson

Grip: Daniel Havas Gaffers: Erin Latimer, Johan Freden

Production Designer & Stylist: Tashani Symons

Hair & Make-up: Shannon O'Riley

Art Director: Glean Hoang

Standby Art Directors: Johan Freden, Daniel Havas

Best Boys: Rasmus Callmer, Deep Desai

Sound Recordist, Sound Design & Mixer: Johan Freden

Composer: Indira Elias

Composer Tap Dancing: Maria Alfonsine

Assistant Editor: Sally Broad

VFX Editor: Guillermo Pena

Film Process: Werner Winkelmann

Producing Mentor: Jenny Day

Cinematography mentor: Steve Arnold

Script Editors: Alicia Walsh, Ben Ferris

Associate Producer: Raquel Linde

Executive Producers: Kathryn Millis, Alicia Walsh, Ben Ferris

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