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Canton de Vaud - A discreet campaign

  • Creative campaign
  • Graphic Design
  • Film
  • Photography



  • Lorenzo Monti as Director

As discreet as domestic violence. How do you communicate with someone that doesn't want to be seen or found? That's one of the challenges we had to deal with when producing this campaign on domestic violence among migrants.

Context and strategy

Our main target in this campaign are migrants who are victims of domestic violence. After several meetings and testimonies, we understood our approach had to be discreet, reassuring and accessible. We therefore analyzed the daily lives of these people in order to identify different points of contact. The public toilets in the many reception centres (shelters, associations, hospitals, etc.) soon became ideal for communicating about this taboo subject.

We quickly understood that public toilets in shelters, associations, hospitals and other reception centers, etc. would become ideal for communicating on this taboo subject.

Accessibility + legibility

We therefore developed the most direct and accessible communication we could think of: a sticker that who fit on mirrors and other surfaces in these various areas.

A two-phase campaign

It was also necessary, as a second step, to reach out to the people around our main target. We needed them to act as an additional resource and to become a listening ear for these victims of violence. This time, we're using more up-front communication: public posters in post offices, on public transport in the Vaud region and in various supermarkets in the canton.


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