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Highsnobiety GATEZERO

  • Film

Sport & Lifestyle


  • Burak Erinmez as Director

Showing off the best of GATEZERO's collection on the (airport) runway. The GATEZERO shop is a hub for style in the Swiss airport, a veritable stop for Highsnobiety-approved goods with brands that span the gamut from On Running to IWC Watchmakers.


Client: Highsnobiety


Director/DP: Burak Erinmez

Executive Producer: Ilonka Galliard

Creative Director: Ali Kiblawi // HS

Producer: Stefania De Gaspari // HS

Steadicam Op: Sebastian Geret

1AC: Benjamin Fernardo

Styling: Arianna Pianca

Prod Coordinator: Daniele Oliveri

Talents: Soraya. V / Carlos v. jr. / Darius F.

VFX: Noel Oppliger, Andrea Crisci / FARBFILM STUDIO

Color: Xavi Santolaya

Audio Mix: Remote Sound

LAB: Cinegrell

Post Producer: Thomas, Südlich-t

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    • Production
    • Stylism
    • Colorgrading
    • Audio Production
    • Shooting
    • Post-production
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