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Infomaniak — kDrive

  • Film

Product & Technology


  • Nathan Saurer as Director

As a client of Infomaniak, we know what they are capable of. An innovative, responsible and committed company that has become a reference in Switzerland thanks to their values and skills. Among their latest inventions to unveil: an "Ethical Cloud". A complete system to try to counter this data management jungle that we all know about. A complete suite that protects data and stocks in an ecological way.

Even with twenty seconds of TV air time we still wanted to tell the story. We wanted stage what it’s like in our minds when data management becomes such a hassle. Unscripted confidential files flying around everywhere, people in distress looking for them or running after them. We wanted to create an entire jungle before exposing the solution : kDrive.


Client: Infomaniak

Producer: Richard Ammann (23bis)

Co-directors: Nathan Saurer (23bis), Cyril Jaunin (23bis)

Assistant Director: Mathilde Neau (23bis)

Production Assistant: Alyssa Garcia

Director of Photography: Julien Bourdeille

1st Camera Assistants: Rhony Sutriesno, Cedric Heckly (23bis)

Gaffers: Elias Fernandez, Maxime Bée, Renaud Barkats 

Grip: Julien Connod and Sergio Andrade 

Sound engineer: Camille Bonard 

Set-designer: Margaux Renvoisé 

Stylist: Yasmin Achbache 

Hair & Make-up Artist: Laura Pellicciotta 

VFX: Simon Wannaz

Behind the Scenes Photographer: Laurent Hayoz

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    • VFX & Compositing
    • Post-production
    • Set Design
    • Film Direction
    • Social Media Assets
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