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The New York Times – Mexico City’s Taco Stalls



  • Jordi Ruiz Cirera as Photographer

The colorful hand-painted signs decorating iconic Mexico City street food stalls are disappearing as a new law is set to unify their appearance. Through a series of photographs of those still decorated, details of their distinctive lettering, punchy and often absurd characters, and the customers who eat there daily, the photographer documents a fading traditional art in favour of modernization.


Client: The New York Times

Photographs: Jordi Ruiz Cirera

Writer: Natalie Kitroeff

Photography Editor: Jolie Ruben

Produced by Gray Beltran, Elda Cantú, Alicia DeSantis, Lauren Katzenberg, Diego Ribadeneira, Tala Safie, Josephine Sedgwick.

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