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Logitech — Ergolab

  • Motion design & CGI

Product & Technology


Creation of an entire universe for Logitech thanks to vibrant, expressive characters made in collaboration with one of our friends, Clim Studio.

Ergonomics are paramount at Logitech, which is why they have created products that promote user well-being above all else. And they needed to communicate this philosophy. So we teamed up with our Clim Studio talent and created a unique illustration style that combines expressive characters with simple, bold 3D environments to talk about a myriad of subjects in a fresh, modern way.


Client: Logitech

Director: Clim Stdio

Production: 23bis, Clim Studio

Producer: Gabriel Saurer (23bis)

Executive Producer: Clim Studio

Creative Direction & Concept: Clim Studio

Prop & Set Design: Clim Studio & Edgar Ferrer

CG & Animation Lead: Edgar Ferrer

Character Modelling & Rigging: Sebastian Pfeifer

Character Animation: Laura Sirvent

Compositing: Edgar Ferrer

Color Treatment: Clim Studio

Director’s Cut Music: Albert Salinas

2D & 3D Character Development: Clim Studio, Min Ryu, Edgar Ferrer

Character Posing 2D illustrations: Felo Lira

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    • Post-production
    • Motion design & CGI
    • Graphic design
    • Social Media Assets
    • Content production