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OTH & Vans


  • Vincent Raineri as Director

In Montreal since 1999, Off the Hook has always been inspired by the uniqueness of our city, its culture, its neighbourhoods and its artists. From the design of the models to the promotional campaign, everything screams Montreal.


Creative Director: Vincent Raineri

Director: Vincent Raineri, Simon Duhamel

Director of Photography: Simon Duhamel

Camera Assistant: Renaud Robert

Assistants: Océane Corbeil & Amy Feng

Costume Designer: Danièle Proulx

Fabrication Set Design: Robocut (Thomas Pagliuca)

Hair and Makeup Artist: Celica Puth

Editing & Motion Design: Vincent Raineri

Illustration, Collage Artist & Motion Designer: Elizabeth Lafferière

Color Grading: Charles-Étienne Pascal (Shed)

3D Animation: Shed - Directed by Geoffrey Skrajewski

CFX Artist: Carl Valleray

Modeling: Michael Coutu

Textures: Laurence Brunelle

Production: Josée Anne Choquette

Music: Michaël Anctil

Models: Geneviève Sanon, Andrew Dolfato, Ouacime Faiz Kabouche

Special Thanks: Consulat & SLA Locations

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