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A quest for the great. An ever-ending Manifesto.

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Discover what’s resulting from our ongoing introspection. Seeking for fulfillment putting it into words is fun and feels so good.

Inclusion and Diversity at 23bis

We, the 23bis team, apply a people centric approach and promote inclusion and diversity* within the company** and with our external collaborators***.

Recrutement statement

We cherish (in no particular order) respect, gender equality, curiosity, open-mindedness, tolerance, care, equality, inclusivity, work-life balance, feminism.

We reject (in no particular order) racism, gender bias, humiliation, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, harassment of any kind, transphobia, heterosexism, outing, discrimination against physical appearance, religion, gender, social class, disability or any other form.

Students and recent graduates

We are a training company and offer internships and apprenticeships. Use this form to submit your application!

* inclusion and diversity: sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, gender, revenue, religion, disability, studies, origin, to mention the ones we acknowledge for now.
** within the company: employers and employees.
*** external collaborators: clients, freelancers, consultants, visitors.