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UNIL — Sexism & Sexual harassment

  • Motion design & CGI



An explanation, a declaration, an invitation to take responsibility; with this motion design piece, the University of Lausanne (UNIL) takes a firm stand against sexism and sexual harassment.

Strong typography and a myriad of colourful shapes are brought to life to help deliver the key messages of an important subject... Discrimination of any kind is never ok.

How to raise awareness about real-life situations without pointing fingers or singling anyone out? Animation artists Bee Grandinetti and Elisa Ciocca get the job done, substituting protagonists with form for an inclusive, non-discriminatory solution that has paid off well.


Client: Université de Lausanne (UNIL)

Agency: 23bis


Motion design: Bee Grandinetti, Elisa Ciocca (

Direction & Writing: Julie Pellet

Graphic Design: Fanny Geiser

Creative Direction & Production: Guillaume Mégroz (

Sound Design: Smider

Storyboarding & Illustration: Bee Grandinetti

Voice Over: Donatienne Amann, Yacine Nemra

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