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Non Dimenticare – Short movie

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Sometimes, the most compelling projects unfold in the absence of external directives, blossoming from the rich soil of freedom. This space to roam creatively allowed us to chart a course from inception to completion without barriers. "Non Dimenticare," directed by Baptiste Jehan and shot on film, emerges from a place of introspection and memory. It’s an exploration into the essence of being, a narrative that gently reminds us of the deep-seated connections we share with our past.

The spark of creativity lit up our team's passion, helping it grow. Drawn to the quiet edges of La Chaux-de-Fonds, we spent two days making a realm of reflection with a mirror cage, putting together a custom water tank that was 6 metres big all around, and making a space covered in tarpaulin, filled with bright dyes.

On this journey, our trust was in Baptiste's vision—a belief that stays strong. This effort was more than just a project; it was a sincere exploration.


Producer: Gabriel Saurer

Director: Baptiste Honorin

Art Director: Guillaume Mégroz

Assistant Director: Mathilde Neau

Production assistant: Léa Dumont

Director of photography: David Baumann

Steadicamer: Stephane Kharraji

1st camera assistant: Arnaud Millet

Camera assistants: Jean-baptiste Andrez, Alice Christen, Louis Tacheron , Lynn De Kaenel

Chief electrician: Antoine Buisson

Electrician: Nina Refondini

Head of set design: Juliana Stadelmann

Set designer: Lionel Nemeth

Hair and make-up artist: Noelia De Jesus

Stylist: Yasmin Achache

Caterer: Philippe Jehan

Set photographer: Joao De Oliveira

Editor: Baptiste Honorin

Calibration: Olha Kriukova

Graphic designer: Fanny Geiser

Title animation: Mathilde Traversié

Musical composition and sound design: AUST

Cello: Aurèle Louis

Voice recording: Shari DeLorian

Voice: Maddalena Rivoltella

Italian translation: Stefania Marchese

English translation: Sara Dumani

Dancer: Gvozdenovic Tamara

Dancer: Tida Oliver

Hand extras: Fanny Geiser, Pierre Benoit, Michelle Fernandez, Léa Dumont

Special thanks

Studio Artaban David Bauman

L'heure bleue, Nathalie Chelbi

le QG, Azul Joliat

Fleur-de-Lys Hotel

Hotel Fleur-de-Ly technical team

Neuchâtel City Hotel

Alexandre Favre

Vitrerie Schleppy SA Vincent Schleppy

Visuals Switzerland


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