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23bis Lab — Think Thanks

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Think Thanks is an event we created to bring people together to share enriching experiences on specific themes, generally in the fields of communication and marketing. Open to the public (registration is required), we invite external participants to give talks and even slip one of our own into the schedule on occasion.

The smashing success of the first edition led us to the realisation that there was a demand for this type of event in French-speaking Switzerland and 10 years of networking gives us the traction needed to get these gatherings off their feet. Our first guest speakers were from Amnesty International, Terre des Hommes, Ginetta, baco and Loyco and we can’t wait to push forward with new speakers to come.

  • 7 speakers to date
  • 4.5/5 satisfaction to date
  • 50 participants per event
  • 30% participation rate
I really appreciate 23bis because the atmosphere is both relaxed and professional. There is something very authentic about their way of approaching things.

- Yves Dana


Event Producer: Manuel Ammann (23bis)

Creative Direction: Manuel Ammann (23bis), Nathan Saurer (23bis)

Art Director: Guillaume Mégroz (23bis)

Branding: Alice Poma and Fanny Geiser (23bis)

Film Production Supervision: Julian Zimmermann (23bis)

Post-Production: Adam Malard (23bis)

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