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Red Bull — Secret Gig

  • Creative campaign
  • Digital content
  • Film



  • Nathan Saurer as Director

Make some noise. With a slogan like Red Bull's it made sense. The question was how to live up to this gigantic collaboration? Two unique protagonists with 2 different brandings deciding to do a joint project. Who has priority ? The sponsor or the artist ? Red Bull’s branding or Di-Meh’s image ?

All the ingredients were already there

We just had to bake the story. Make an ad: we said no. Instead, we proposed a web series. Bringing together two partners such as Di-meh and Red Bull, we couldn't settle for anything less. We created a new story based on their own. Used their characters and the concept of the show to generate even more stakes, twists and turns.

The result: a fake documentary series staging a megalomaniac rapper saved by a secret energy drink sponsor: our client. Do you even have to show the slogan at the end?


Client: Redbull Switzerland

Agency: Horde

Director: Nathan Saurer (23bis)

Production: Richard Ammann (23bis)

Camera: Julian Zimmermann (23bis), Nathan Saurer (23bis), Julie Pellet (23bis), Gabriel Saurer (23bis)

Editing, VFX & Color Grading : Julian Zimmermann (23bis)

Additionnal Footage: NATAS3000

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