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Tataki — Fight 4 Flags

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Fight 4 Flags is the first Swiss reality show that pits the four language regions against each other in a series of games across the country. Each week, the participants compete in physical and mental challenges to represent their region and try to win the title of the best region of Switzerland.

A large scale project

This project is a collaboration between the different groups of the SSR, RTS, RSI and RTR. A big challenge that aimed to create a program from scratch, to design games, create a graphic identity and bring together the four cultures and languages of the country to create four different formats, one for each linguistic region. A huge project that brought together more than 50 people during a week of shooting across the country.

  • 6 days of uninterrupted shooting
  • 5 episodes of 20 minutes that we produced
  • 72 people worked on this project
  • 4 different programs made from the shooting

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the production side. For taking part. For your trust. The will to persevere. For your tireless commitment. For sleep deprivation. For filling the many memory cards. For going the extra mile. For clear sound. For the playlist and singalongs in the vans. For constructive input. For thinking along. For the hours on the highways. For the many funny sayings in the booth. For the incredibly good-looking video snippets. For the deep talks late at night. And the incredible creativity. The lifeblood." - Matthias Püntener, Producer at SRF


French-speaking Switzerland

Clients: Tataki, RTS

Producers: Gabriel Saurer (23bis), Yoann Favre

Film Director: Julie Pellet (23bis)

Camera: Cédric Heckly (23bis)

Sound: Camille Bonnard

Production Assistant: Léa Dumont

Lead Editors: Julie Pellet (23bis), Julian Zimmermann (23bis)

Editors: Julie Pellet (23bis), Elise Gyger, Bernardo Ginja (23bis)

Colorgrading: Julian Zimmermann (23bis)

Artistic Directors: Guillaume Mégroz (23bis), Manon Bornand

Lead Graphic Designer: Alice Poma (23bis)

Graphic Designers: Carolina Sanchez, Fanny Geiser (23bis)

Game designer: Alice Poma (23bis)

Motion designer: Cédric Gottet

Voice Over: Sacha Porchet

Concept: Nathan Saurer (23bis), Gabriel Saurer (23bis), Julie Pellet (23bis), Julien Bagourd, Luca Serafin, Matthias Püntener, Désirée Wismer, Christian Jäggi, Dominik Bauer

Host: Sacha Porchet

Cast: Nida-Errahmen Ajmi, Jamie Kallon, Catherine Andrey, Georges Fournier

Global Production: Get Some Popcorn, SRF

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    • Post-production
    • Colorgrading
    • Graphic design
    • Motion design & CGI
    • Naming
    • Creative workshop
    • Creative ideation
    • Art direction
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