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Stadt Zürich — Klimabüro

  • Creative campaign
  • Film



  • Nathan Saurer as Director

A promotional video for the city of Zurich’s Klima Büro (climate office). Zurich aims to become a climate neutral city by 2040 and they are doing everything they possibly can to make that happen, but they can’t do it alone. Getting citizens in on the action is essential to reach this goal, if only they knew how… A didactic format as part of the notoriety campaign led by Freundliche Grüsse.


That’s where we come in with the making of this promotional video that explains what the Klima Büro does, how they do it and why. Opting for a light-hearted, humorous script and endearing protagonists to introduce the Klima Büro’s free consulting services, we set out to inspire people to make energy-efficient renovations to their homes.


Client: Stadt Zürich

Agency: Freundliche Grüsse

Direction & Writing: Nathan Saurer (23bis)

Assistant Director: Mathilde Neau (23bis)

Producer: Gabriel Saurer (23bis)

Director of Photography: Moritz Reinhart

Art Direction: Burak Erinmez (23bis)

Editing: Burak Erinmez (23bis)

Motion Design: Cyril Jaunin (23bis)

1st Camera Assistant: Cédric Heckly (23bis)

Gaffer: Sebastien Suter

Sound: Kurt Human

Cast: Luciano Simioni (Fred), Elena Mpinsis (Valentina), Patrick Slanzi (Bob), Clea Henzen (Anna), Tian Lutz (Francis)

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