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Association Violence que faire — Digital Campaign

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Rather than staging, transforming, or exaggerating a scary cause such as "abusive relationships," what are the stronger ways to suggest companionship to a 6- to 20-year-old audience? We believe in ascending and thoughtful approaches, avoiding dramatization and patronizing speeches. Sharing a microphone with some victims, allowing them to spread their own personal and truthful experiences. They created a huge and diverse content-oriented awareness campaign for their own peers.

Almost like a binge-watchable series, each testimony has taken the form of a mini-season in itself. To be discovered in 3, 6 or even 12 episodes for some stories, each experience is told through various raw and intimate voice notes. The format was imagined thanks to different workgroups composed of young people aged 14 to 20. Embarrassed laughter, emotional exchanges and, above all, a lot of confessions, respect and kindness. The final objective was to raise awareness through the stories of others. We needed simple and sober visuals that emphasised the heart of the story rather than anything else. A super-accessible campaign full of authenticity.

Le format a été imaginé en grande partie grâce à différents groupes de travail composés de jeunes de 14 à 20 ans. Des rires gênés, des échanges remplis d’émotions et surtout beaucoup de confidences et de bienveillance.


Client: Association Violence que faire

Director: Guillaume Mégroz (23bis)

Producer: Richard Ammann (23bis)

Art Director: Cyril Jaunin (23bis)

Graphic Design: Cyril Jaunin (23bis)

Motion Design: Cyril Jaunin (23bis), Elisa Ciocca (23bis), Mathilde Traversié (23bis)

Edit: Cyril Jaunin (23bis)

Sound Mix: Richard Ammann (23bis)

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