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Retraites Populaires — Here for Life

  • Creative campaign
  • Film
  • Photography



  • Burak Erinmez as Director

This campaign speaks of life - past, present, and future. It advertises insurance as a discreet ally, there in case of need, for your entire life.

So, what's the challenge ?

Preparing for the future is probably the thing furthest from any 20 or 30 year old’s mind. Young, not a care in the world, letting life happen without a thought for what comes next is natural. Buying an insurance policy is not. Les Retraites Populaires asked us to help them change that.

The only album anyone wants to look at is the one they are in and this simple fact drove the creative process for this film from day one. From our choices in cast, scripts and shooting locations, to costume, set and sound design through to post prod cuts and tonality; everything had to ring the bell of recognition and bring spectators to the realisation that this is a life, their life, that needs to be insured.

What's behind the scenes. Tapping into this age group meant showing them what their future would probably look like; first love, first job, first home, first child; each bringing its share of joy, challenges and yes, hardship. A glimpse into the crystal ball where like an invisible safety net, Les Retraites Populaires is the insurance company that covers every first in your life.


Agencies:, Hymn

Ideas and Concept: Alexandre Henriques (Hymn), Nicolas Buri, Manuel Ammann (23bis), Guillaume Mégroz (23bis)

Film Director: Burak Erinmez

Creative & Art Direction: Guillaume Mégroz

Production Direction: Nicolas Villedary

Graphic Design: Hymn

Copywriting: Nicolas Buri

Assistant Director: Mathilde Neau

2nd Assistant Director: Yannick Maron

Director of Photography: Isak Lindberg

1st Assistant Camera: Cédric Heckly

2st Assistant Camera: Fanny Reynaud

Production Assistant: Alexandra Costanza

Making of: Adam Malard

Gaffer: Kristoffer Hellman

Electrician: Antoine Buisson

Key Grip: Julien Conod

Grip: Alexandre Messina

Sound Engineer: Camille Bonard

Set Design: Margaux Renvoisé

Assistant Set Designer: Juliana Stadelmann

Assistant Designer and Set Designer on set: Louis Morier Genoud

Make-up: Noelia De Jesus

Stylism: Yasmin Achache

Stylism on set: Dunja Bursac Camion

Production Truck: Camille Kohli Robot

Supervisor 1: Thibault Brevet Robot

Supervisor 2: Andrea Anner

Editors: Burak Erinmez & Julian Zimmerman

Color Grading: Jonatan Qvist

Sound Design: Niccolò Chotkowski, Smider

Music: Clancy Magnuson (Marmoset)

Voice over: Chris Wiser & Alice Stip

Copywriting: Nicolas Buri

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