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SRF - YouTube show for youth by youth

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With social media and digital platforms teeming with content, capturing and retaining the viewer’s attention is a formidable task. A task SRF (Swiss-German public television station) decided to tackle with our help. The brief was clear: increase their audience to include Gen-Z. A challenge that was not about making more media but about entertaining, guiding and inspiring young adults to create a true connection. We had to break through the noise to reach them with something meaningful and unique.

Tackling the challenge

Knowing who you want on board and watching your media channel is one thing. Getting them to subscribe to your content and stick with you long term is a whole different story. We came up with a proposal to design, produce and direct a weekly series called “In Progress'' for SRF’s YouTube channel “Mood” including audience-centric content, generation-specific branding and a killer cast. Here’s how we went about it…

Our approach

We had the audience. But did we understand them well enough to make a lasting connection? This simple question and our honest answer of “no”, gave us the approach - peer to peer, for youth by youth. We would cast young, experienced YouTubers as show hosts and involve them in the creative process from day 1.

Approach details and delivery

Empowering the hosts with a maximum of creative freedom while navigating SRF's journalistic guidelines and strategic ambitions was a unique collaborative experience and sometimes a hair-raising balancing act. The resulting series, aptly named “In Progress”, is a platform for open discussion on topics that resonate with the target audience, Gen-Z. We took the pulse of a new generation to make it stand out from the crowd.


Directors: Bennie Hess (Explainer), Simon Pittet (BFF: EP1, CMBA, RFGF, CMM), Nathan Saurer (Trailer, BFF: EP2, EP3), Yannis Zola (BFF: EP4)

Journalists: Tania Villiger, Bennie Hess, Lisa Crescionini, Yannis Zola, Flavio Stucki, Karin Zeidler

Producer: Sina Lou Ravasio, Gabriel Saurer, Vera Hausmann, Sarah Baumeler

Camera: Cédric Heckly, Bennie Hess, Simon Pittet, Arsène Gaillard, Lorenzo Monti, Flavio Stucki, Marco Frei, Philipp Fuchs

Editors: Julian Zimmermann, Lionel Moerch, Bennie Hess, Manuel Troxler, Tren Guerrero, Philipp Fuchs, Luis Oliverira, Flavia Reinhard, Michèle  Widmer, Flavio Stucki, Yannis Zola, Lica Crescionini

Visual Identity: Alice Poma

Motion Design: Elisa Ciocca

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