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Blending cultures and storytelling through films, campaigns, and digital content. From Lausanne to Zürich.

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Meaningful content for your audience.

Your audience deserves the very best from you. Whether it’s for inspiration, entertainment or orientation, we propose content that fulfills these purposes with innovation and creativity. Give yourself the chance to stand out for the long run and get the attention you deserve.

In a nutshell:

  • Digital Content
  • Creative Campaign
  • Film Production
  • Motion Design and CGI
    (see, our sister company)
  • Podcast production
  • Photography
About the studio


Investing in the future.

It’s the only thing that makes sense, every company today has to accelerate and inspire sustainable futures. Giving back more than you take. Creating value that elevates human and planetary life. Is it working for a B Corp company such as 23bis ?

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A quest for the great. An ever-ending Manifesto.

Following obsessions, constantly innovating and taking responsibility all at the same time?
Discover what’s resulting from our ongoing introspection. Seeking for fulfillment putting it into words is fun and feels so good.

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